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EMF Readers measure electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are typically emitted from man-made sources such as industrial and household appliances. Scientists or analysts use EMF readers to diagnose problems with electrical wiring, appliances, electrical shielding and more.

In the field of paranormal research aka "Ghost Hunting" EMF readers are an absolute necessity in their ghost hunting kit. Researchers use the spike in the electromagnetic field or a change in the electrical current to identify possible spirits.

We have many EMF readers available, but we highly recommend one of our Mel Meters, which not only measure EMF fluctuations, but ambient temperature as well.
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EMF-823 /  Integrated Sensor Electromagnetic Field Radiation Meter EMF-828 /  3-Axis Separate Probe Style Electromagnetic Field Radiation Meter
  • Wide Measurement Range: 20/200/2000 micro Tesla or 200/2,000/20,000 milli Gauss
  • Single Axis Measurement
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 30 to 300 Hz (ELF frequency range)
  • Accuracy: ±4% at 50-60 Hz
  • Display: High Contrast LCD Display
  • Power Supply: Single 9V alkaline battery
Measurement Range
• Wide Measurement Range:
       20/200/2000 micro Tesla
       200/2,000/20,000 milli Gauss
• Three Axis Measurement with Separate
   Probe & Handle