Handheld Testing Meters

The Test and Measurement Instruments that we sell evolve on a daily basis, and the PRO-Measure group is committed to providing our customers with only the very best in product technology, innovation, and quality. Our customer service is second to none, and our sales team and technical support specialists are uniquely qualified to help you solve your Factory Automation, Test & Measurement Instrument and Control Challenges.

EMF Meters Device Picture
EMF Meters®
Measure electromagnetic fields (EMF) for commercial, industrial and residential testing.
Anemometers Weather Testing Device Picture
Handheld Anemometers and weather testing instruments for industrial, commercial and residential measuring.
Humidity Meters Device Picture
Humidity Meters
Portable humidity meters with and without separate probe.
Rem POD Research Device Picture
Light Meters
Precision light meters (Lux and Ft-cd Light Meters) for industrial and commercial applications.
pH Meters Device Picture
pH Meters
Precision pH Meters for Scientific, Industrial, Laboratory & Quality Control Testing.
Sounds Meters Device Picture
Sound Meters
High-Accuracy Sound Meters For Industrial And Commercial Testing. With/Without Calibration Certificates.
Temperature Measurement Device Picture
Temperature Meters
Industrial & Commercial Precision Thermocouple & IR Temperature Measurement Instruments
Accessories Picture
Accessories For Paranormal Research Devices And Handheld Testing Meters