Professional Measurement

The PRO-Measure Div. DAS Dist. Inc. has been a Test & Measurement Equipment Master Distributor since 1982. It has always been our charter to strive hard to offer and maintain the lowest possible prices on the Items we sell to earn your business. You will find that in many cases our prices are 20% to 30% or more, lower than our competitors for the exact same item. Our sales philosophy is simple; we buy in high volume direct from the same manufacturers as our competitors, skip the middle distribution channels and sell direct to you, our customer.

The Test and Measurement Instruments that we sell evolve on a daily basis, and the PRO-Measure group is committed to providing our customers with only the very best in product technology, innovation, and quality. Our customer service is second to none, and our sales team and technical support specialists are uniquely qualified to help you solve your Factory Automation, Test & Measurement Instrument and Control Challenges. And, by working together we can provide educated and experienced application analysis as a foundation for quality innovative product solutions. Our Engineers will work with you to develop and select the ideal Instrument solution platform which will help you achieve your manufacturing objectives and enhance your productivity, quality, safety and profitability.