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LX-100-CC / Lux Meter with Calibration Certificate LX-100F-CC / Ft-cd Meter With Calibration Certificate LX-101A-CC / Lux Meter With Calibration Certificate
Light meter measuring in Lux with a Calibration Certificate. Light Meter Range: 0-20,000 Lux with ± 5% Accuracy.  Spectrum Meets C.I.E. Photopic Curve Calibration Certified light meter measuring in Foot-Candle (Fc / Ft-cd).  Light Meter Range: 0-2,000 Ft-cd with ± 5% Accuracy. Spectrum Meets C.I.E. Photopic Curve Lux light meter with a Calibration Certificate with a Light Meter Range: 0-50,000 Lux.  ± 5% Accuracy and Spectrum Meets C.I.E. Photopic Curve
LX-1108-CC / Wide Range Lux & Ft-cd Meter with Calibration Certificate LX-1128-SD-CC / Light Meter Data Logger With Calibration Certificate LX-113S-CC / Lux & Ft-cd Meter with Calibration Certificate
Calibration certified light meter to measure in Lux or Foot Candle. Wide range, high accuracy light meter with a meter range of 0-400,000 Lux 0-40,000 Footcandles. ± 3% Accuracy with a Spectrum that meets C.I.E. Photopic Curve. Data Logging Light Meter measuring in LUX or Foot Candle.  Stores All Recorded Data Conveniently in SD Card - Includes Calibration Cert. LX-113S with Calibration Certificate. Measure Lux or Foot-candles in a Light Meter Range with 0-50,000 Lux or 0-5,000 Ft-cd with a ± 5% Accuracy and the Spectrum Meets C.I.E. Photopic Curve