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Paranormal Research Devices

DAS Distribution with Gary Galka is one the leading engineers of ghost hunting equipment and paranormal research. DAS equipment is used by the leading Ghost Hunters in the world, including featured in many TV episodes and a favorite of Ghost Adventures.
PSB7-Pro Spirit Box


Experience breakthrough communication with the Spirit realm with the NEW PSB7-PRO developed by Gary Galka. This new Pro Spirit Box® features our new, sophisticated system called RadioX-ITC. This cutting-edge system offers customizable frequencies, premium sound quality, and advanced frequency management, tailored for those seeking in-depth spiritual exploration. We've engineered unique frequency 'hotspots', enabling Spirits to communicate fluently. Imagine a window of 40 blended frequencies - a game-changer in Spirit communication. Get the NEW PSB7-PRO and open a whole new world into your spiritual journey, experiencing the unknown with clarity and precision.
Spirit Box®
Get real-time responses during paranormal research sessions.
Mel Meters / EMF Readers
All of the essentials used by Paranormal investigators; including EMF and Temperature.
KII Meters
The K2 meter creates an EMF field that allows ghost hunters to communicate with the spirit world.
Rem POD Research Device Picture
REM Pod, or radiating electromagnetism pod creates its own EMF for ghosts to interact with.
Thermal Infrared Recognition Research Device Picture
Thermal Infrared Recognition
Detect hot and colds spots. Used by all ghost hunting pros.

K2-Delux / KII EMF Meter with Push "On" / Push "Off" Switch K2-Delux / KII EMF Meter with Push "On" / Push "Off" Switch

Our KII EMF Meters are an absolute necessity for paranormal research. The K2 meter creates an EMF field that allows ghost hunters to experience communication with the spirit world.

Price: $64.90

REM-Pod-EMT with programmable EM Radiating Antenna Detects Energy Disturbances & Fluctuations around the Antenna Displays the Field Disturbance Using Multi-Colored Light Columns and Audible Tones. As Seen On ALL Paranormal TV Shows.

Price: $179.90
Sale Price: $169.90
P-SB11 /  Dual Frequency Sweep Radio ITC Device with Hot & Cold Spot Detection *ON SALE UNTIL 7/1/2024* P-SB11 / Dual Frequency Sweep Radio ITC Device with Hot & Cold Spot Detection *ON SALE UNTIL 7/1/2024*

The P-SB11 (SB11) is a dual sweep adjustable speed spirit box designed for ITC research. The P-SB11 Spirit Box is the latest Spirit Box device created by DAS. Results from paranormal enthusiasts, including its premier debut on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures proved to be encouraging.

Price: $123.00
Sale Price: $139.90
P-SB11-ANC With NEW Adjustable Noise Control Feature *ON SALE UNTIL 7/1/2024* P-SB11-ANC With NEW Adjustable Noise Control Feature *ON SALE UNTIL 7/1/2024*

P-SB11-ANC Is a Dual Channel Spirit Box with advanced Adjustable Noise Control filter (ANC)

Price: $167.00
Sale Price: $189.90
APF-D Processor APF-D Processor P-SB7 Spirit Box & Amplified Speaker Kit

APF-D Processor Audio Playback Filter Complete Kit Includes:
* (1) APF-D Processor with Graphic Display
* (1) P-SB7T Spirit Box ($84.90)
* (1) X1 Our Best Orbital Speaker ($29.90)
* (2) USB Rechargeable 9Vdc Batteries ($20)
* (1) Bluetooth Transmitter attached to the P-SB7 ($24)
* (1) Bluetooth Receiver attached to the APF-D ($24)
* (1) USB Charge Cable

Price: $299.00
P-SB7 (Rev 7) Spirit Box® With New 50kHz Frequency Flutter P-SB7 (Rev 7) Spirit Box® With New 50kHz Frequency Flutter

The New P-SB7 REV7 Includes Integrated Temperature Measurement Display. The P-SB7 series was originally introduced by Chris Fleming on Ghost Adventures "LIVE" show from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on October 30, 2009.

Price: $94.90
DAS-ANC Professional Model DAS-ANC Professional Model

The DAS-ANC-PRO Model is a Noise Reduction accessory for the P-SB7 Rev 4 and Rev 5 Spirit Box's. Sweep Noise Removal is adjustable from 0-100%. Your P-SB7 attaches to the rear of the DAS-ANC using velcro (provided). Once attached, simply connect the 3.5mm Audio Input cable to the P-SB7 SPOUT.
Next, Adjust your P-SB7 Volume:
Rev4 or earlier (Blue Display) Volume Level 30
Rev5 (Red Display) Volume Level 19-21

Turn the Speaker ON and attach the Audio Output cable to the X1 Speaker (included). The Speaker attaches to the DAS-ANC using a magnetic mount. Audio is played through a powerful amplified speaker with separate rotating ring volume adjustment. Visual audio representation of Spirit responses is displayed on a bright OLED display which shows the Audio Spectrum and Oscilloscope (Raw) data in real time. As a side note, the DAS-ANC-PRO can be used with ANY type of Spirit Box made by others provided it has an Audio Output. The 3.5mm male Audio Input /Output cables on the DAS-ANC are permanently attached to prevent misplacement. Audio Extension cables can be added by the customer if required.

Price: $199.00
ANC-Mini ANC-Mini

The ANC-Mini is an Adjustable Noise Control and Spirit Response Amplifying device that can be used with a number of Spirit Box Sweep Radios. Including: P-SB7, P-SB7T, P-SB11, S-Box and many others that offer a separate Audio Output. It is a very Easy To Use device that utilizes two buttons for complete Noise Control.
The ANC-Mini utilizes a proprietary software algorithm that dynamically adjusts the Audio "Hold & Release" properties which enables a more clear Spirit response that can be better heard and deciphered by the user.


Adjust your P-SB7 Volume:
Revisions 4 or earlier (Blue Display), set your volume level to 30
Revision 5 (Red Display), set your volume level between 19-21

1. Connect the SPOUT Audio Output from the SB7 Sweep Radio to the Audio Input of the ANC-Mini.
If using the S-Box, connect to the Earphone audio output.
2. Connect the Audio Output from the ANC-Mini to your Speaker. An amplified speaker with separate volume control is best.
ANC-Mini With X1 Premium Sound Speaker
3. Press the RED Button until the desired amount of noise is removed from your sweep session.
4. Press the YELLOW Button to increase the noise level.
5. To Reset the ANC-Mini, Press the RED & YELLOW Buttons simultaneously for about two seconds.

*Includes Velcro to attach the ANC-Mini to the back of your P-SB7 and two 4" male audio cables.

Price: $69.99
PSB7-PRO Spirit Box PSB7-PRO

Created by Gary Galka, the PSB7-PRO design is the first of its kind with result driven features and functionality never before seen or used in a Sweep Radio Spirit Box device.

Price: $199.00
APF-D Processor APF-D Processor Basic Kit

APF-D Processor Audio Playback Filter Complete Kit Includes:
* (1) APF-D Processor with Graphic Display
* (1) USB Rechargeable 9Vdc Batteries
* (1) Bluetooth Transmitter
* (1) Bluetooth Receiver
* (1) 4:1 USB Charge Cable
* (1) 18" Audio Cable
* (2) 4" Audio Cables
* (2) pcs Velcro

APF-D Processor Audio Playback Filter:
The APF-D Processor is a unique device designed to to be used with any Spirit Box or Audio Recording device with 3.5mm Audio Output. The APF-D allows you to:
* Amplify Audio
* Display The Audio Spectrum
* Pause and Resume Your Spirit Box Session without losing any Response Data
* Playback Feature allows you to Rewind your Responses in 10 second Intervals. You can rewind as far back as you like.
* Adjustable Speed Control allows you to listen to Responses Slower to make deciphering easier. So, if you hear something you can rewind the Response, and then slowly decrease the speed in 5% increments until you can hear the Response more clearly.
* Adjustable Noise Reduction allows you to remove unwanted sweep sounds from your session.
* Adjustable High Pass Filter allows only higher frequencies to pass through

For Deluxe APF-D with ALL Accessories Click Here

IMPORTANT: Tips when using the APF-D Processor

It's important to understand that the APF-D is constantly storing data to memory. If you Start/Stop, Rewind, etc. all the sweep data adds up in the Buffer memory, and this can delay the time it takes for the noise filter setting change to take affect. As such, you must either wait (typically 15-25sec) for the Buffer memory to catch up to the Noise Filter change, or reset the APF device to clear the memory backlog. When I adjust the Noise Filter, I always Reset the APF device by pressing S2+S3 simultaneously to clear the buffer memory. Then my first step is to adjust the Noise filter because this will allow the Noise filter changes to take affect quickly with only minor delays. Once you get into the right Noise filter zone, you can "tweak" the SB7 +/- Volume adjustment to increase or decrease the noise through the filter or adjust the Noise by using the APF-D buttons. Also realize that there are 3 ways to adjust the APF-D Volume. The P-SB7, The APF-D and the outer ring on the speaker. The APF-D volume control will also increase and decrease the audio spectrum gain on the display. Note: the SB7 sweep must be stopped to adjust the SB7 volume.

1.Turn the P-SB7 volume to 20-24
2. Start sweeping
3. Turn the Noise filter immediately to 20.0 to 23.0.
4. Tweak the SB7 volume and APF Noise filter buttons to get the desired results. But be sure to wait 10-20 seconds or so for noise filter to take affect if you do not reset the APF.
5. Be sure your cell phone Bluetooth is OFF to prevent connectivity issues.

Price: $199.00
X1-ANC Premium Speaker With Adjustable Noise Control X1-ANC Premium Speaker With Adjustable Noise Control

Our newly designed, aluminum alloy X1-ANC Speaker with Adjustable Noise Control (ANC) delivers big sound quality in a small compact 1lb. package. With a peak sound level output of 91dB, this speaker offers an impressive bass, dynamic midrange and distinctively clear higher frequencies.

Price: $99.00